If you have changed your phone number, you may easily update it by following the below steps.

If your Two Factor Authentication is enabled and you have changed your phone number, please contact our Support team.

Click/tap on the Settings tab.

Click/tap on Change Phone Number.


Enter your new mobile phone number along with your country prefix.

When entering your phone number, it is not necessary to enter the first 2 digits of the country code (00) or the plus (+) symbol.

Example: Your country code is 001/+1, you would enter your number like this: 1679238

Click/tap on Submit.

 You will now receive a 6 digit code to your mobile phone. Add this number to the required field.

  • If you have not received the code, kindly ensure that the number provided is valid.

  • If the SMS is still not present within 1-2 minutes, try restarting your phone.

  • If the message is still not received, please connect our Support Team who will assist you further with this matter.

Click/tap on Confirm once your new number has been added.