Kindly ensure that the Bitcoin address provided is used once. New deposits should be funded with a new Bitcoin address.

We do not accept Bitcoin Cash. Sending Bitcoin Cash may result in a permanent loss of funds.

Bitcoin deposits are processed on the Blockchain network. This process requires 3-6 confirmations which typically takes 1-3 hours. The funds will be automatically credited to your account once the process is complete.

If your deposit exceeds the given timeframe, this may be due to the Blockchain network traffic which is out of our control. If in doubt, please contact our Support team by clicking here.

Click on the Deposit Funds tab to begin adding funds.

Input the amount you would like to deposit.

Select Bitcoin as your payment method.

Click/tap on Continue.

You will be provided with a QR code containing your Bitcoin address along with the code itself. 

You may scan the QR code on your wallet provider's account or input the address manually. Use the Copy to Clipboard option to ensure that you copy the full and correct Bitcoin address for each transaction.

Your deposit status should shortly change to WAITING_CONFIRMATION, which indicates that the funds have been sent to the Blockchain network.