On eTrader, you have full customization control of your Charts to make sure that our traders have full control and comfort while trading with us. 

Choose any of the available Instruments; Markets, Crypto, or Currencies

The first customizable option that you will find is the Type of chart.

By accessing the drop-down menu available, you will find more variants to choose from for your chart. 

The changes will be made instantly on your chart. 

You can also change the chart's Interval

Once you do that, the data will change instantly at the bottom of your chart. 

If you wish to select the Range of the Chart, you can do so by choosing your preferred time frame from the drop-down menu. 

If you wish to view more advanced settings on how to customize your chart, you can click the Advanced. 

From the Advanced tab, you can compare Instruments between one another. 

Just type the other Instrument in the search bar and select it from the list provided. 

You can also compare the Instruments between one another. Simple click Compare, and write the other Instrument in the available space and select it from the list provided. 

You may also draw on your chart by using the options on the left. 

You will have more detailed customizable options once you choose a drawing option. 

You will be able to choose your desired colour and style.

On the Advanced view, just like the basic view, you can also adjust your chart's period and style. 

You can choose different Indicators from the various options available.