The below guide will shed some light on how we should remain vigilant whilst using the web. Whilst there are opportunities for malware or scam across every webpage, there are also many ways one can stay cautious.

Phishing has gained popularity over the years and comes in many shapes and forms, however with the same malicious intent. Never open or access any links from a suspicious email or SMS.

Always check that the source of our email is If not, this may be a scammer impersonating eTrader.

Malware and viruses may infect your device and steal your information. Be sure to download a reliable anti-malware and anti-virus to spot any software which may be harmful to your device.

Make a strong password to provide that extra layer of security. Never give out your password. Genuine companies will never ask for any passwords of the sort.

Two-Factor Authentication is an extra step in providing your account's security. This is mandatory on our platform so be sure to enable it as soon as possible!

Check the news for ongoing hacking techniques or popular scams. Learning from one another is important to safeguard each other.

If you receive an email claiming eTrader has a new website, check the website's connection by clicking on the "padlock" icon in the URL bar. If the connection is secure, this webpage is reliable.

If eTrader were to ever change any important details such as our webpage, our clients will be informed accordingly.